We are starting brand new Table Tennis Coaching Sessions for Adults, This session design for players who like to brush existing skill and learn more technical aspect of the game.


1 hour one to one coaching with UKCC Level-2 coach £25 (intermediate/ advance coaching)

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One hour one to one coaching with Qualified Coach UKCC Level-2  Train with Robot and much more

Cost £30 per hour multi balls.

Book 5  Sessions block booking £125 (1 hour)

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More information Contact Sanket Shah 07886685393


“Control your reaction to the point”

by Dora Kurimay (Former pro player and mental performance coach)

Dora KurimayIn a competitive environment, with high levels of pressure, the time you spend between points is very important. The first action to take right after the point ends is to control your reaction. Your reaction includes your thoughts, emotions, and body posture. The most successful players control their reaction as soon as the points ends. This is part of their routine between points, regardless of their current situation in the match. This is the most important step because if it fails the rest of your routine doesn’t matter.

“Keep your head still”

Steve Brunskill Table Tennis Coachby Steve Brunskill (Professional English table tennis coach)

“Try to keep your head still as you play with your eyes level. If you let your head bob up and down as you move you will find it more difficult to accurate track and adjust to the ball.”

“Keep your racket high”

Matilda Ekholmby Matilda Ekholm (Professional Swedish table tennis player)

“Keep your racket high in all situations. It’s a lot easier to adjust the racket downwards if you don’t want to play the ball early. If your racket is already too low you will never catch the ball as high, or early, as you usually need to in order to put your opponent under pressure.”

“Always give 100%”

Philipp Floritzby Philipp Floritz (Professional German table tennis player)

“If you always give 90% or less in your practice you’ll play also with 90% or less in important situations. So enjoy playing table tennis and always fight to give 100% effort in good times and also in bad times.”

“Stop elbowing me”

Sean O'Neillby Sean O’Neill (American table tennis player and coach)

“Most aspiring players are more focused on power than placement. Unfortunately this is a mistake that will need changing if they want to reach the next level. When playing a shakehands player the best location to play a strong shot to is the transition point between their forehand and backhand. Resist the urge to go cross-court and aim for the elbow!”

“One mentality”

Shane Overmeyerby Shane Overmeyer (South African table tennis player/coach)

“Players should always train with the ‘match mentality’ putting the focus on every ball. In this way you will have more quality sessions and play better at vital stages of the game.”


We welcome all level of players beginners to high level players. Great atmosphere  friendly players The club is open most Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the year.

We also run Table Tennis coaching workshops, in house tournament, free table tennis session , junior session for our club members.  We have 8 teams taking part in Central London Table Tennis League.  We are always looking for high quality players who would like to take their game to next  level.

Table Tennis equipment will be provided during the session. You don’t need to book just turn and  enjoy the session .

All session are supervised by Table Tennis England qualified and DBS checked coaches. Always willing to help you and improve your games.


For More Info Contact 

Sanket Shah (ETTA -3) (UKCC–2 )          

 Head coach: 07886685393highbury-table-tennis-club-coaching-workshop-jan-2017

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