Club Minutes 19/09/2021

Club minutes 19.09.2021

Changes to training schedule:

– – Tuesdays and Thursdays will run from 18:00 to 21:00, but can run later during league (home matches).
This is 2  x 1.5 hour sessions.

– – Juniors may come to the first but not the second session.

Committee Function:

– – The committee is here to help Sanket manage a growing club

– – to create a fun and efficient environment for members

– – Each committee member brings different skill sets and areas of responsibility they can own.

Committee Roles:

– – Jamie: Club Treasurer

– – Peter: Equipment manager

– – Tyla: Coaching Manager

– – Sanket: Club President

– – Alfie: Digital and Communications Manager

– – Mikee: League Manager

– – Club secretary: Mikee and Peter to chat about this

– – Simon: Child Welfare secretary

– – health and safety: shared  across coaching team (DBS checked etc)

– – Vuong: Team administrator (chief enforcer)

– – Alina – social secretary (may include volunteer coordination, chat with sanket)

**A main outcome we want is to have a secure relationship with Bridge Academy**

Tyla suggested creating an after school club: Pitched as something for kids in hackney, They will therefore take better care of their tables, Extra revenue for the school.

How do we build and maintain a good relationship with the school?

Before we go to Bridge Academy we put together a proposition, a big part of that is Tyla outlining the key benefits of having an after school club.

– – Clarify school availability on Sundays (Potentially 9am to 11am, Sanket)

– – Captain communication Whatsapp channel (Sanket).

– – There are funding opportunities for buying tables which should be looked into

– – Sanket to cancel Fibodo

– – Alfie and Mikee to discuss social content

– – Tyla to outline the pitch we will make to the school, Alfie to project manage

– – Alfie to publish and upload minutes to website (done)

– – Vuong to ensure everyone has completed their tasks before next committe meeting.

Things to potentially investigate:

– – Alternative dedicated venue in Highbury (risk management)

– – Potential commercial sponsors? Sanket? Internal to club?


– – Sanket deals with Schools plus who are the middle people between the school and us.

– – From October 1st they will increase from £65 to £70 per hour

– – on a tuesday and thursday we can offer 3 x coaching sessions with 50/50 split with club.

Kit Notes:

– – Tyla said he has a contact with lots of discounts for all kit

– – Storage space issues – (Rowan raised).

– – We own 6 of the tables (which was a fight to keep.) at Bridge and 4 at St Aloysius.

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